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Five charming areas in Ealing

Hoover Building Posted by in Guides, on March 16, 2017

Ealing is a London borough which lies in the eastern parts of the city. It is governed by the Ealing London Borough Council and was created in 1965. It spreads 21.44 square miles and according to the latest censes has an estimate population of 343.000 which makes it the 16th most populous area in the […]

Heathrow International Airport

Heathrow Posted by in Guides, on July 31, 2016

Parallel with the development of British commercial aviation, the nation’s airports and aviation infrastructure such as radars, aircraft service complexes etc. also developed. The busier the sky got, the more places people wanted to get to by plane. Gradually more and more airports were built in cities and regional centres across Great Britain. Some airports […]

Are Smartphones Good or Bad?

Posted by in Guides, on October 15, 2015

The new age long discussion is all about the pros and cons of having a smartphone. Without a doubt these new little digital boxes turned the whole world upside down. Is it all positive? Perhaps not but I bet you own a smartphone yourself. It’s inevitable – the level of convenience just outweighs all the […]

Five Surprisingly Stressful Jobs

Posted by in Guides, on October 1, 2015

Air-port dispatchers, firefighters and ER specialists are often featured on lists with people with the most stressful professions out there. Even though all of those people’s jobs are responsible and important, as well as strenuous, there are others that you might not thought of as stressful, while they actually are. Teachers – teachers have the […]

8 luxurious British brands that are known worldwide

Posted by in Guides, on September 16, 2015

There are many luxurious brands in the world and some of them originate from the United Kingdom. Today we will turn your attention towards the best and most opulent British products. Burberry – Burberry is a luxury fashion brand founded in 1856 that manufactures fashion accessories, cosmetics, sunglasses and outerwear. The most distinctive aspect of […]

The Long Walk Home

Posted by in Guides, on September 3, 2015

Pets tend to get attached to their human owners, there are theories that canines get more attached to their owner as a person as they are the ones giving out the food, whereas felines tend to get more attached to the place where their owners live as the cat also views it as shelter. The […]