How To Meet People And Make Friends In London in 2024

London Loneliness Posted by in Guides, on December 17, 2023

Life in a big city such as London, especially in 2024, can be hectic. The ever-growing population of the British capital only comes to show how attractive living in London is for a number of reasons – job opportunities, chances for living a more desirable lifestyle, a more vibrant cultural scene characterized by a melting pot of cultures and identities that happen to co-exist here. Engaging in activities like a walking tour can be an excellent way to explore your local area and meet like-minded people. A common problem many people who first come to the capital face, however, is the question of how to make friends in London.

London Loneliness

The hectic, stressful life here can be overbearing if you do not have new friends and loved ones to have your back.
Joining local clubs and groups allows you to meet new friends who share similar interests. Loneliness is, according to many research reports, the disease of the new age. It is easy to fall into the traps of modernity and lose connection with the groups with the same interests you once kept close contact with. At the same time, due to university and job commitments, it might feel almost impossible to meet new people, let alone such that will become your new friends. Local events and gatherings are ideal for making friends and building a few close friends in your new city. So, let’s see how you can make new friends in London.

Making use of the Digital Age

If you have moved to London from a different country, or even from another, distant part of the UK, you might find it really hard to connect with new people. Organising events in your local area can be a great way to meet people who are also looking on how to make friends in London. Feeling homesick soon after moving abroad is quite normal in such cases, and the desire to meet with people from the same place as you is natural. Fortunately, social media can easily help you out here.

Connecting with all my friends who had moved to London before me helped me to establish a new social network.

When living in London making friends with folks with the same background as you is just finding the right Facebook group away. There are Facebook groups that bring together people from all nationalities, ethnicities, and religious backgrounds living in the capital in the same place. You can learn about the places they meet, the stores they visit when they want a taste of home, and all kinds of practical advice regarding adjusting to life in London coming directly from the experience of other ex-pats. Such Facebook groups might come in handy even if you don’t meet your new best friend there. So, it is quite worth it to check it out.

In addition to Facebook, there are many friendship apps that will help you hit it off with people who have the same concept of life as you. Apps like Bumble are not only for dating; they can be a great way to meet new friends who have mutual respect and shared interests. Bumble, for example, will be a good start.

The British Way to make friends in London

The local pub is the most English center of social life imaginable. It is also a great place to start when it comes to meeting new people. Often, a local park can be just as effective for meeting people, especially if you’re interested in outdoor activities or have a pet. If you are an extrovert by nature, and like the taste of ale, you might want to try dropping by your local pub every once in a while. You will definitely be able to meet new people and have interesting chats there, and who knows – you might even start a cool new tradition such as joining a pub quiz group – or why not join the ranks of group hosts that create such teams of like-minded individuals?

Reconnect with old acquaintances

London attracts all sorts of people, from young professionals to artistic and academic types who want to make the best out of the years ahead of them. For that reason, it is quite possible that you actually already know someone living in London – from the gal pals from high school to university course mates, friends’ friends and hobby groups such as gaming, sports, etc. from your old home. It is worth asking online, or calling some of them you think might end up in the same boat as you – trying their luck in London. Reconnecting with old acquaintances can be a stepping stone to making friends in a new city. You may be surprised to find many of them ready to meet up and reconnect just a tube ride away in the big city.

Don’t Live Alone

Playing tv games with flatmates

Another pretty direct way to meet new people when you first move to London is to avoid renting a flat on your own. Budget concerns aside – property prices in London have been rising exponentially for quite some time now and there is no end to this trend in sight – this limits your social circle considerably. Think about it – you spend most of your waking hours in two places – at home, and at your job. While you can’t exactly choose your colleagues at the office, you can totally meet up with as many potential flatmates from flat-sharing platforms such as Spareroom as you like. Living with flatmates can be an excellent opportunity for making friends, as you’ll be sharing your daily lives. Sooner or later you will run into some people you will just click and you will even probably meet your new best friend there.

Volunteer groups create communities and new friends

No matter where exactly in London you live, there will be a lot of opportunities to join volunteer groups. You will be killing two birds with one stone in that way. First, you will be helping your local community. Second, you will meet people of different social groups who are like-minded in their desire to see the place they live in thrive. It is always preferable to hang out with other people who like helping out and improving others’ circumstances anyway.

Look for groups of shared interests

People working together

Like any other place on the planet, London has many different hobby groups that bring together people who share a passion – sports clubs, book clubs, climbing groups, and many others. The good news for anyone looking for new pals in London is that here these groups are even more than any other place you’ve likely lived in before. Joining clubs that align with your hobbies is a sure-fire way to meet people who share similar interests. So just try to find out what groups gather near you and join a meeting – no matter whether it is an old passion of yours that will attract you, or the desire to find a new hobby, people you have common ground with will already be a part of it for sure.

Fitness Classes and Sports Teams might be the way to go

Meeting new people and having friends in general is very beneficial to your mental health. At the same time, you need to look after your body to make sure that your physical health is in order as well. Combining the two things might very well prove to be the best decision you’ve made related to adjusting to your new life in London. Chances are that your new favorite gym is just around the corner from your home or office.

Health experts suggest that training three times a week at the gym gives you the highest benefits for your body. This is also plenty of time to meet new people and start a few friendships, even if you work-out on your own, and don’t join a fitness class – another great way on how to make friends in London. In a city like London, fitness classes and sports teams are abundant, offering great opportunities to meet new friends. If working out isn’t your thing, you might want to look into amateur sports clubs that gather in your area. Maybe running, or football is your thing. Remember, in a city as huge as modern-day London, there are always enough people who share the same interests as you. They are your new potential friends. Find out where your local running club gathers and just go.

Don’t be afraid to explore on your own


It would be a mistake to hold back on things that you’d like to do just because you don’t have anyone to go with you at the moment. London has a rich, vibrant scene, no matter whether it comes to culture or entertainment. Go to plays and exhibits. Buy a ticket to a concert you are just dying to go to. Treat yourself to a Saturday at the cinema. Often, exploring on your own can lead to unexpected encounters and the chance to make new friends. Even if you go there alone, no one says you will be left alone. You will be surprised how many other brave people like yourself you are going to meet. What is more, you already have a shared interest and a topic of conversation. No matter how illogical it sounds, your chances of meeting new people increase if you dare to go somewhere solo.