Moving Abroad

Moving abroad is a serious step in anyone’s life. Many people travel frequently to all sorts of places around the world, but moving your household to another country, even that be in Europe is one of those challenges that you need to accept and just get through.

At the start, moving yourself and your belongings to another country might seem like a mammoth, nearly impossible task. Movers London Co Ltd though has the capacity, skills and expertise to move your home contents from London to any location around the world, no matter how far or how exotic it may be. Ok, maybe North Korea is out of the question. Moving internationally usually requires a lot of planning and organising, as well as good scheduling and timely completion. In this case, our industry experience and project management skills will make the whole process manageable and efficient for you, your family, and without taking a toll on your bank account.

Our fully comprehensive moving abroad service in London will cover all aspects of your relocation from start to end. Moving internationally is somewhat complex and chances are you will appreciate our expertise and knowledge throughout every stage of the removal. Our removal specialists who are experts at international logistics will walk you through each step of the removal process and explain why and how we do things. You will receive adequate, spot-on advice on how to cope with the situation and make everything less burdensome for you and your loved ones. Indeed, moving internationally is a huge excitement and should be for the better, but failing to account for all issues along the way can spell out disaster – something which we will not allow to happen.

Get familiar with just a few of our benefits:

  • Free instant quote on your moving project
  • 24/7 customer service support line
  • Free viewings in advance of more complex moves
  • Full liability insurance

We will assist you with the preparation stage of the relocation, which is usually a crucial aspect of the entire process. We recommend leaving behind all items, furniture or belongings which you don’t particularly need, as by doing this you will save money from transit and shipping costs. In many countries, purchasing new furniture or household items will be cheaper than hauling these all the way from home, so offset such unnecessary expenses and only take what you need.

Our London moving abroad service will also take care of the paperwork required for an international removal. Moving cargo of any kind through borders will require compliance with customs laws and regulations in both the UK, and destination country. More so, many countries like Australia, Canada USA and New Zealand are in a state of permanent quarantine, which means you need detailed knowledge of what can and cannot be entered into the country. This will also be taken care of by our qualified logistics people.

Technically, we will be able to assist you with all issues concerning your international removal. We will schedule and time the process properly and as per your availability. Prep work like packing, securing and labelling of items will take place within the specified amount of time. If necessary we will also list and label the content of each box or bag being moved so nothing goes missing along the way. We will choose the most suitable and cost effective means of transportation for your belongings to their destination and save you as much money as possible.

The moving abroad service in London is a non-fixed price service solution as we aim to provide people with customised service packages which best correspond to their personal requirements and budget constraints. Our moving abroad service available in London is both flexible and versatile, plus it will give you much needed peace of mind, no matter how far you need to get.