EU Moves

Moving over from the UK to mainland Europe is arguably one of the most exciting things to experience. The butterflies in your stomach are enough to signal that something big is going on, and that you are in for lots of new thrills. Moving abroad is indeed exciting, but the removal process itself must be organised and handled properly if you want everything to go according to plan and schedule.

For this to happen, you need to engage the services of a professional, knowledgeable and reliable moving company which has the necessary experience in European removals. Many people moving to another EU country believe that the whole thing is about packing up a few boxes, then chucking them in the back of the van, and off they go. Not quite so – moving abroad requires a tat more effort and expertise. At Movers London Co Ltd we have what it takes to organise and carry out your EU removal in the most efficient, affordable and hassle-free fashion. Our professional EU removal service in London, is a fully comprehensive removal solution which covers the entire moving process from start to end.

We know that moving to another EU country is exciting but there are many hurdles and unforseen issues which may hamper your efforts, should you try to handle the removal on your own. Moving abroad requires a good knowledge of transit, cargo and customs laws and regulations both in the UK, and the in the country where you are moving to. None of these will be a problem for us though since our specialised London EU removal service not only deals with the practical side of relocation like packing, loading, securing and transporting of items, but also covers the technical and administrative aspects of the process.

Comprehensiveness and complete end to end coverage is what customers find most valuable about our London European removal services. Our expert movers coordinated by a specially appointed supervisor or project manager will complete your domestic or commercial removal in the most professional and efficient manner. The fact that the entire moving process, including the initial preparation stage, and the final touches are handled by specially trained professionals managed by a qualified logistics expert means there will be no costly delays or unexpected setbacks.

Frustration, uncertainty and errors have no place in our professional European removal service in London. Every step of the removal will be meticulously planned and perfectly executed by our EU removal teams. We know that prep work is the make or break point of any removal, especially an international one. This is why we will handle the packing, labelling, securing, loading, transportation, unloading and distribution of your items and belongings over at your new address. Our international removal specialists (one of whom will be overseeing and coordinating your removal project) will take care of the applicable paperwork like customs declarations, road tolls and border crossing fee documents so that you don’t have to suffer from customs delays, or have some of your items send back to their origin destination.

If you think such a comprehensive removal service will cost you a pretty penny – think again! Our specialised European removals will give you exceptional cost efficiency, on top of already moderate prices. Since you will be using a complete removal service package, not bits and pieces of different service options, we can offer you a better price, inclusive of all costs and additional expenses possibly incurred along the way.

Our EU removal service is available to customers throughout the year, though we may need to anticipate for longer transit times depending on season and expected weather conditions at final destination at the time of delivery.