Removal Services

Removal services is the general term used to describe all the options a customer can receive from a given removal company. Usually removal services can be requested in the form of a comprehensive removals package which covers all aspects of the relocation from start to end, as well as additional requirements.

Movers London Co Ltd can offer customers a number of standalone removal services, as well as complete removal service packages which will save time, effort and money. Our specialised removal services in London will cover every stage of the relocation thus making the whole process swift, efficient and affordable.

One of Movers London specialist services is the so called removal assessment. In most instances, a complete removal assessment is necessary in order for us to devise and implement the most suitable and efficient moving strategy as per your personal requirements and budget constraints.

More so, a professionally conducted removal assessment will also allow us to determine how much packing and wrapping supplies are required in order to protect all of your items from damage during handling and transportation. A removal assessment will also help us prepare a better, more accurate quote as in many instances, customers are overcharged as most service price estimates are done over the phone using customer provided information. Last but not least, a removal assessment is needed when the contents of attics, basements, sheds and garages is also due for removal, and must be factored in the quote.

Our list of London removal services also includes a specialised packing service. The packing service is adequately priced and will not through your removal budget overboard, especially when packing is requested as part of a complete service package. In all cases, your items must be properly packed and secured prior to removal as to ensure safe handling and damage-free transportation. Depending on the results and information obtained during the removal assessment, we will supply the required amount and type of packing and wrapping materials. All of the packing supplies we use are high durability, industrial grade materials which will provide for the necessary level of protection during transit. Customers also have the option to have our mover teams handle the packing and wrapping of items being moved.

Our movers are qualified professionals who know how to wrap and secure each item properly for maximum protection and extra peace of mind for you.

The removal services available in London can be made to include additional options like a specialised storage service. In many instances, affordable short term storage solutions are required as part of the actual removal. Sometimes the property you are moving into is not quite ready to accommodate your belongings, or perhaps other issues are getting in the way of completing the removal. In such cases you require cost effective storage solutions that meet your requirements. This will be no problem as Movers London Co Ltd can organise and provide you with flexible and affordable storage solutions. We have access to clean, secured storage facilities which are under twenty four hour surveillance for your peace of mind, and ours.

As part of your removal service package, you can also request for unpacking and distribution of items after delivery to your new address. Our diligent, well organised mover teams in London will have your settled in swiftly, and without any extra hassles.

Our professional London removal services, both as package or standalone will give you great value for money, and make your property removal more manageable, efficient and affordable no matter how complex the job, or how far you need to get. We are at your disposal seven days a week.