Storage – London

Most of the time, moving places is a relatively straightforward process, especially when you have our removal firm on the case. Having said this, there are instances when removal of your items will also require temporary storage. Storage requirements are nothing uncommon, and many customers use such services without any issues.

In order to encompass all customer requirements and provide a really comprehensive removal service, we offer a specialised storage service which will keep your items safe and secured for the time being. The storage service can be ordered as part of the removal service package, or as standalone. In both cases, customers get genuine value for money and the convenience they need.

There are many reasons why customers would require our specialised storage service in London, sometimes the property they are moving into is not quite ready to accommodate occupants and their belongings, perhaps due to a renovation or something similar. It is also possible that customers still haven’t chosen their next address, though they had to vacate their current property. In many cases, customers are moving abroad, and simply require storage of the items and belongings they won’t be taking along. The list goes on and on.

Being a professional moving company, we know and appreciate the value of an affordable and reliable storage service. Furthermore, we know how important it is for our customers to have almost instant access to cost effective storage solutions which meet their requirements in full. Our London storage service is able to cover all customer requirements without excess costs or unnecessary issues.

Our moving company has access to a number of purpose built storage facilities around the city, which means customers can choose where to have their items stored for most convenience and ease of access. It makes sense to store your belongings in a storage facility which is closest to your next destination (should you be doing a metropolitan removal), as this will reduce transportation time and overall service costs. All of our storage facilities are clean and pest-free. These are also secured storage facilities, under twenty four hour surveillance. Customers can be sure that their valuables are safe and secured for the time being, and that everything will be there and accounted for.

We understand that not all customers require massive amounts of storage space, sometimes a couple of cubic metres is all that’s necessary. Having taken note of this, we are quite flexible with our storage hire options and will be able to provide you with the exact amount of storage space you require without overcharging you. If you require an entire storage unit, or two – no problem, we have the necessary capacity. We can arrange for both short and long term storage of your items and safeguard them for the time being, without of course costing you a small fortune. The storage services in London are available to both residential and commercial customers.

Our specialised London storage services are comfortably priced and will not strain your budget. We will try and meet your budget requirements in full, and offer you the best possible price on storage. Should you need to extend the storage duration, just let us know timely and we will handle all the formalities and paperwork for you. If you will be abroad for a period of time, and meanwhile your next property is ready to accommodate your belongings we will be able to organise the removal and delivery of your items. This way, when you return to the UK, all you will have to do is unpack, arrange and enjoy your new home.