Packing & Boxes delivery

In our opinion as a seasoned removals company, the most important aspects of a well organised removal are timing and preparation. Prep work in most instances relates to sorting, packing, securing and listing of items and belongings being moved. Good packing will not only save you time and effort from last minute, rash decision making, but also spare your valuables from damage and misplacement during transit.

Movers London Co Ltd have in place a specialised packing & boxes service in London which will make your property removal much safer and more efficient. Failing to pack, wrap and secure valuables and electronics properly before the removal can turn out to be a costly error for both customers and company. In order to avoid such mishaps and ensure every single item of yours is delivered safely and intact to your next destination we recommend using our affordable packing service as to give yourself extra peace of mind.

  1. Save time and money buying moving boxes on your own
  2. Get the most professional packing materials
  3. Get your items packed by professionals

Packing and securing of items before the removal is essential, though a real pain in the neck. The process itself takes time, effort and resources. More so, dealing with removal preparations while trying to run your household and meet your daily commitments accordingly might end up getting the better of you. We believe that our London packing and boxes service will save you a ton of hassles, and give you more time to deal with other important aspects concerning the removal, or simply give you a chance to spend time with friends you leave behind.

The packing solutions we offer you are fully comprehensive and provide for adequate and sufficient wrapping and securing of all items, including high value belongings as well as delicate electronics and equipment. We recommend visiting your property in a suitable time, ahead of the removal date, in order to prepare a moving assessment. The removal assessment will allow us to choose and obtain the exact type and estimated amount of packing and wrapping materials needed for the job.

We have access to quality, highly durable packing materials at very reasonable prices. This means that you don’t need to spend money on excess amounts of packing materials, which will keep your moving costs to a minimum. We will supply high quality, industrial strength corrugated cardboard boxes of different sizes depending on the items you need shifted. Also, we will do the packing and securing of your belongings using industrial grade bubble wrap, high strength water resistant wrapping paper. We will come fully equipped with professional grade duct tape, masking tape and a range of other binding materials so that everything is fastened tightly and ready for transit.

Generally, customers have two options at their disposal when using our packing & boxes service available in London. A – you can have us deal with the packing and wrapping from start to end, or B – we can supply the necessary materials and let you do the packing yourself. Both options are acceptable, though for safe handling and damage-free transportation we recommend letting us do the packing for you. Why so? Because our expert movers in London know how to pack, secure and load items properly. They know how to pack and load heavy items so that boxes don’t accidentally open, they also know how to stack your belongings so that nothing is crushed inside the vehicle during transportation. More so, our movers have the expertise to pack and secure awkward or bulky items properly and ensure everything is removed and delivered intact.

Our specialised packing and boxes service in London is affordable, efficient and will most definitely make your property removal swifter, more manageable and hassle-free.