When it comes to prices, we are unbeatable! Our removal solutions are adequately priced, and provide customers with genuine value for money and the desired cost efficiency no matter how big or small the removal.

We manage to keep our removal rates within reasonable limits without compromise on quality or efficiency. How do we make it happen? Through training, efficiency and professional work approach toward each job.

Our customers can be sure to receive the fairest and most accurate quotes, as well as the most competitive prices around. We stay away from the usual hit and run service approach displayed by many removalists, and always try and give customers the best possible service prices as per the scale of the job, and the available budget. Being fair is important to us, because a strong customer following, as well as return customers will only be possible if we quoted right, and charged fairly.

When we form our quotes and removal service prices, we don’t burden the figures with unmentioned additional charges or hidden fees – the way we do business is transparent and straightforward. The final figure you are quoted, and have accepted will be the amount you owe. If there are costs for additional services or options you requested, or if the initial price needs to be amended during the course of the job, you will be duly notified of why and how the change of figures.

If customers are unhappy with our prices, we will try and work out the best possible figure as per their service requirements since our primary aim is to be of service to our customers, and then comes profit. Although this sort of defies the basic principles of economics, we didn’t want to be seen as greedy, money hungry individuals – after all we are in the service industry. If profit meant everything to us, then we would be in oiling or pharmaceuticals.

Fair priced removal services are as important to us as they are to our customers. Make us your preferred removalists and we will get the job done right without putting a dent in your budget.