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Five continental European cities to work and live in

You have decided to change your surroundings and leave Britain to relocate to continent Europe. However, you cannot choose a destination because there are so many cities that are appealing with their beauty, unique life style and professional opportunities. Therefore, here are several cities that you should definitely top your list. Prague, Czech Republic The […]

Why live in West London?

When picking up the place in the capital to settle down in you will be faced with a lot of different choices. There are several factors that you have to consider and of course you will be faced with the dilemma of reading quite a few opinions on which area exactly is going to be […]

Southwark – basic borough overview

Southwark is a London Borough located to the south east of the City that was formed in 1965 after the administrative reform of London. It is considered to be part of Inner London and at the current moment boasts a pretty considerable population – 308 900 people according to the latest census. Southwark is home to […]

Places to see in Hammersmith and Fulham

It is quite obvious why the Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham has basically two names. When the borough was formed in 1965 it merged together the two boroughs with the names mentioned above. Another thing which is obvious is the fact that this area started its development rather quickly thanks to its location. It is […]

Five charming areas in Ealing

Ealing is a London borough which lies in the eastern parts of the city. It is governed by the Ealing London Borough Council and was created in 1965. It spreads 21.44 square miles and according to the latest censes has an estimate population of 343.000 which makes it the 16th most populous area in the […]

The pros and cons of living in Central London

London is a huge city. Covering an immense territory and serving as home to millions of people from all over the world, London is not simply the capital of England – it is one of the most important metropolitan areas on the globe as of today. London – the city with many faces After the […]

Bromley – A London Borough with a Rural Charm

Bromley is one of the most unusual boroughs in London. As a start, it is the biggest in Greater London. It covers an impressive area of 153 square kilometres and it consists of over 40 districts. Despite that, the borough ranks sixth in terms of population. It is currently inhabited by nearly 318,000 people, which […]

Heathrow International Airport

Parallel with the development of British commercial aviation, the nation’s airports and aviation infrastructure such as radars, aircraft service complexes etc. also developed. The busier the sky got, the more places people wanted to get to by plane. Gradually more and more airports were built in cities and regional centres across Great Britain. Some airports […]

City of Westminster – the Richest Place in London

There is little doubt that Westminster contains some of the most iconic places in London. But are you sure that you know all the little (and big) secrets of the place? Let’s take a guided tour in some of the better (and lesser) known places in the borough: Aldwych is a residential and commercial area […]

The king of caravan routes – The Silk Road

Before there was man and van there was the caravan. People had the need to move goods for commercial and purely domestic purposes since the dawn of time, and until not so long ago the well established and guarded caravan routes proved to be the most efficient way to do so, especially when it came […]