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Charming and peaceful places in London

Posted by in Guides, on August 27, 2015

The English capital, London is a vibrant, busy and lively metropolis. However, it also has its quite and calm spots where people can escape from the noises of the city. Down below are listed some of the most peaceful places in London. London Wetlands Centre – Located in the area of Barnes, this peaceful and amazing […]

Another 5 Value for Money Destinations

Posted by in Guides, on August 19, 2015

Who wouldn’t like visiting a unique tourist destination for a fraction of the price? If you don’t mind exploring off the beaten path in order to have some extra cash in your pocket then here are another five value for money destinations which are actually worth it! So get things moving and book your flight […]

Most Expensive Painting in History

Posted by in Guides, on July 1, 2015

Paintings and art in general can often the put in the category of “finer things in life”. And while buying a framed painting of a boat for your living room might not set you back a lot, there are some art-works that cost unimaginable amounts of money. Paul Gauguin is beyond any doubt one of […]

What shouldn’t be Stored in Basements and Attics

Posted by in Guides, on June 24, 2015

Good housekeeping is a combination of common sense, practicality and wisdom (most likely) acquired through those trial and error situations all people go through. On many occasions tough people do get caught out by circumstances, wishing they did or didn’t do certain things. Proper housekeeping is a learning curve, hurdles will be faced along the […]