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VW Transporter – The Original Van

Posted by in Guides, on June 10, 2015

Volkswagen are the largest car manufacturer in Germany, Europe and arguably the rest of the world. The German car maker has given the world some of the most iconic motor vehicles to ever roam the world’s roads. Volkswagen is the company which produced and marketed the almost mythical Beetle – the most easily recognised and […]

Removals – Facilitating Migration

Posted by in Guides, on May 22, 2015

There have been many human migrations throughout history. Starting with the Great Human Migration fifty thousand years ago, to the economic migration patterns of today. Migration of people from one geographical location to another is driven by a wide range of factors and reasons, generally though individuals move in search of a better life. In […]

Famous British Olympians

Posted by in Guides, on May 15, 2015

Great Britain has produces some of the world’s most successful athletes, some of whom have managed to become great Olympians who have left an enduring mark into the history of the Games. Here are some of Britain’s most renowned participants in Olympic Games. Harold Maurice Abrahams was born in Bedford on the 15th of December, […]

The Trendiest Places in London

Posted by in Guides, on May 8, 2015

Oh, well, if you are moving to London but you have still not decided where exactly in the metropolis you would like to set up your home in, no matter whether you are buying a property or just renting, you may very easily feel overwhelmed by the possibilities spread out in front of you. On […]

Famous Ship Museum Around the World

Posted by in Guides, on May 5, 2015

Since the beginning to time humans have been using ships to transport goods from one place to another or to fight battles. This is why ship museums are currently one of the most popular and visited touristy sites in the world. Here are some of the most famous ship museums in the world. U-505 – […]

Spookiest Locations in London

Posted by in Guides, on April 28, 2015

Well, London is  hands down one of the most interesting cities in the world. A huge metropolis and a center for trade commerce, culture and tourism, UK’s capital is also one of the most desirable places for moving in. Everyone wants to live in London, just ask your local movers about it and you will […]