Another 5 Value for Money Destinations

Posted by in Guides, on August 19, 2015

Who wouldn’t like visiting a unique tourist destination for a fraction of the price? If you don’t mind exploring off the beaten path in order to have some extra cash in your pocket then here are another five value for money destinations which are actually worth it! So get things moving and book your flight because these unique spots await you!

Mekong-DeltaThe Mekong Delta – Vietnam is not what it used to be, and the Mekong River is one of its most treasured assets. The coffee-brown waters of the slow flowing river run across Vietnam to join the sea at the end of its epic journey across the peninsula. Although the district is very cheap in terms of accommodation and transport, there are still very few foreign tourists. If you have the means and desire, explore the beauty and flavour of the delta on motorbike or by boat. The array of colours and flavours in this subtropical region are nothing short of amazing. Wrap up your trip with a couple of days’ stay at Phu Quoc Island, where warm, shallow waters wash the shores of beautiful beaches.

Alentejo – Portugal has always been somewhat overshadowed by its large and extrovert next door neighbour – Spain. However, Portugal’s culinary and cultural scene is every bit as worthy as that of Spain. The region of Alentejo has taken on the task of changing perception and popularising Portuguese cuisine and so far, they’ve been doing a great job. Alentejo is best known for unbelievably fresh seafood, amazing locally grown olives as well as meat, wine and cheese of exquisite taste and quality. A few days in Alentejo will be cheap as chips, after all the region is a world away from tourist jammed Algarve.

Northwest China – If this region was a country of its own, it would be the eighth largest in the world, meaning you got a lot to explore, without paying a steep price either. This unique stretch of land across the legendary Silk Road connecting east to west, is full of amazing sights like eerie grasslands, crystal clear blue lakes, jagged snow-capped mountains. The region is rich in culture and tradition, yet spending some time there will cost you far less than the giant and crowded metropolises on the other side of China.

Oaxaca – Bienvenido a Mexico! Move over clichéd and pricy Cancun, coastal Mexico is best seen in the state of Oaxaca, on the country’s Pacific seaboard. The town of Puerto Escondino is a surfers’ mecca with its empty beaches and excellent rips curls. Don’t skip a visit to laidback, back-to-basics fishing town of Puerto Angel for a taste of what life for Mexican fishermen once was. Don’t get carried away with the mezcal (a smoky spirit drink distilled from fruit unique to the region) though as you will definitely be nursing a hangover in the morning, especially with the hot weather and all.

Queens – One of NYC’s iconic districts is actually cheaper than Brooklyn, and more relaxed (and yes, much cheaper too) than the Big Apple. At the moment, Queens is the borough of choice for many travellers coming to see NYC for the first time, and wishing to spend less. Long Island City is the place to be for entertainment and things to do. Enjoy the unique restaurants and arty spots of Queens, especially on a summer day when everyone is flocking to Rockaway beach leaving you and the borough to it.