Five Surprisingly Stressful Jobs

Posted by in Guides, on October 1, 2015

Air-port dispatchers, firefighters and ER specialists are often featured on lists with people with the most stressful professions out there. Even though all of those people’s jobs are responsible and important, as well as strenuous, there are others that you might not thought of as stressful, while they actually are.

  • Teachers – teachers have the responsibility of taking care of our kids for the better part of the day. This would be stressful enough in its own right, but just remember how stressful it could be to look after just one kid. Now imagine the responsibilities of the teacher and the fact that he or she has to deal with a couple of dozens of kids. Not a pretty picture, right?
  • Pro-moversProfessional movers – working for a removals or a man and van company involves much more than simply loading boxes on vans and trucks and driving them. Professional movers should be available at all times to assist their clients, and respectively – to do whatever is necessary to reduce the amount of pressure and stress the people paying them are under. After all, home relocations are officially voted as the single most stressful experience most people go through in life. Ask yourself, for whom it is more stressful though, the client of the moving company, or the movers?
  • Actors – actors are subjects to a large amount of stress due to the varying nature of their job. No matter whether the reason is going to auditions and worrying if you have got the part, constant travelling for work or performing in front of a large crowd or a small audience – the job has its perks that are able to increase levels of stress considerably.
  • Photojournalist – How many times you have looked at a photo – online or in print, and wondered how is it possible to capture this moment so perfectly? Well, a good photo journalist is going to tell you that it takes years of training and experience, good equipment and willingness to risk your life, or at least your safety, in order to capture the frame that will produce the desired effect. Photojournalists often find themselves in conflict-zones, in the middle of natural disasters or other such dangerous situations, and they are not supposed to leave until their job is done. And what they are paid does not match the stress either.
  • Newspaper reporter – News reporters should stay up to date with current events at all times – it is not a regular 9 to 5 job in no way. They are always under the scrutiny of the public eye, often find themselves in dangerous situations because of the nature of their work, and to make things even worse – projections on the future of the industry show the alarming tendency of journalists’ salaries going down annually – actually, this year’s studies suggest that reporters are going to take up to 13% less money in 2022 than they do today – how could possibly a person in that profession could feel relaxed and secure?