When You Do an Office Relocation…

Posted by in Guides, on February 25, 2015

The office removal can determine the future of your company. That should be a good enough reason for you to take the project seriously and make sure no compromises are made with the manner in which the job is to be carried out. It may sound scary, but it actually is not, especially if you follow several pretty simple tips for making your upcoming office removal a successful endeavor.

  • Entrust the communication between the man and van contractor handling the removal and your company to an experienced manager from your team.
  • Check which man and van companies in your area carry out office removals, meet with representatives of theirs and get quotes from all of them.
  • OfficeMake sure that the date for the office relocation is firmly set and confirm it with the chosen contractor.
  • The contractor is to be informed about vehicle and parking restrictions in the vicinity of both your old and new premises.
  • Decide on which furniture you are going to keep at the new place, and arrange for the proper disposal of all the rest.
  • There would be items that you would not need immediately, but would come in handy at some later point. Instead of moving them together with everything else to the new place, consider moving them into storage and make the necessary arrangements.
  • One thing that you should arrange in advance at the new place is that the telephone lines and the internet connection are ready to be used the moment you move in, because you would probably want to resume your business process immediately. On the same note, you can also check if there is a way to retain your telephone numbers so that your clients and partners don’t have to feel any inconvenience.
  • Your employees might want to pack their personal items on their own. Make sure that this is done before the people from the man and van company come to pack and prepare the rest of the goods for moving, or at least that the things that are not to be packed by the contractor are clearly separated from the rest.
  • When getting packing materials, do not be cheap! Purchase the highest quality double-walled boxes in order to ensure the safety of the goods while on the road. Packing is not a thing you would want to save money from.
  • Inform your employees about all details of your office removal. Having everyone on board is going to safe you a lot of trouble for sure.
  • Back up the data from the computers. Even the best packed equipment bears the potential of breaking and even if those damages are to be covered by moving insurance, nothing can compensate the loss of valuable information.
  • On your moving day, do not forget to put a “We have moved” sign on the door of your old office, and give the address of your new workplace, as well as other vital contact information.