How to Filter Out Good Companies from Bad Ones

Posted by in Guides, on March 2, 2015

There are so many moving companies in the city that finding a reliable, competent and capable one can be quite a challenge. To make things easier for you, we have written an article on how you can distinguish the good companies from the bad ones and hire one that will provide you the exact services that you seek.

Commence your scouting for the finest movers in London by searching in the internet all the companies that operate in your area. However don’t limit your search only to the internet. Instead check the ads in the local newspapers and the yellow pages as well. Gather the contact details of as many companies as possible. The wider your choice pool is the bigger the possibility for finding the right company for your moving project.

Now contact every company that you have found and ask them all the questions that are on your mind. Don’t forget to ask them whether they are licensed movers that provide insured removal services. You should discard from your list all companies that aren’t insured or licensed because they can be fraud companies or simply firms that provide low quality services.

Next access the company website that have passed your initial questioning and check their testimonials. Generally people tend to leave positive or negative reviews about the services that they have received from the respective companies. Once you are gone through several testimonials per company, thrust aside all man and van companies that have more unfavorable reviews than favorable ones.

Moving-teamNow contact once again all the companies that have left a good impression on you with their testimonials and demand them for a free quote. You must ask for quotes in order to learn in advance the exact number of services that these moving companies in London are ready to provide you and the exact price for which they will provide them to you. This way you will be able to learn which companies match your removal budget and which don’t. You will also understand which of these companies have good quality/price ratios and which don’t.

By this point your list of potential companies to hire should be quite short. So start by calling the company that is at the top of your list and ask it whether it can help you with your removal. If the company is available, then book it momentarily. On the other hand if the company is available, simply move to the next one. Keep in mind that most moving companies are quite busy, so the sooner you contact them the higher the chance of them being free on the date of your relocation.

Now that you know how to filter out the good man and van companies from the bad ones, don’t make the common misstate of waiting to the last minute and hiring the first available company. Instead start your searching at least once month prior of your relocation, so that you can conducting a proper scouting and hire the desired removal company in time.