Hassle-free Packing is Possible

Posted by in Guides, on January 20, 2015

We all know how stressful packing can be. There are several things that you can do in order to ensure that your approach to the task would not turn it into a small nightmare.

  • First and foremost – de-clutter. Before you have packed even one box or a bag, sort your possessions and decide which of them you actually need and are willing to take to your new place. Ask yourself do you really want to invest time and energy into packing that pile of sweaters you have not wore since last year in college (not to mention paying for their transportation to the new place)? Get rid of all unnecessary things and leave only the essentials for packing.
  • BoxThe rule is even if you are going to get some non-essential items, they should not take up much space – a couple of boxes should be your maximum. Those should be things that you have not used in a while, but there is a chance that you might need them some time in the future, so it would not be wise to simply throw them away.
  • Do not forget to label every box with the things it holds. Thus you will be able to arrange them when loading on the van and the people from the man and van company would not which boxes are to be handled with extra-care – for example those containing your grandma’s china set. Use clear categories and make the labels as visible as possible, so that it is impossible for an accident to happen. Labeling has one more advantage – it is known that the first items you will need at your new place are the last to be loaded on the van – and proper labels make this much easier to manage.
  • Before you pack your most valuable items, especially the fragile ones that are likely to sustain some damage during transportation, it is advisable that you take good quality photos of them – in that way you will have proof in front the moving company and the insurance agency that the accident happened on the road and the damage was not pre-existing.
  • Packing is an integral part of the whole house moving project. As such it is stressful and strenuous. But if you let that stress and strain invade your mind in the days prior to the move, this is going to have some pretty negative consequences for the proper completion of the job. In order to avoid any worries, just start with the packing ahead. It is better to tackle one room at a time in a period of two weeks instead of rushing to do everything in the last possible moment.

The key is to enjoy your moving experience and take the most out it and the new opportunities that it opens to you. In order to do that you should do your packing right. As you have already seen, this is not something so hard to achieve.