The challenges ahead of a person moving homes

Parking regulations Posted by in Guides, on December 22, 2017

There is a general consensus that domestic relocations are pretty stressful and strenuous. You will often here that there are many things that can go wrong with a removal, and even though this is quite true, few people actually tell you what those things are. So, here we go.


Living in an old historic building definitely has its appeal. But namely those converted Victorian houses that we all love so much and become more and more popular in certain areas in London can be a true nightmare to move out from or to move in respectively. Problems that might arrive include lack of elevators, narrow stairs and corridors and hard to access rooms. Naturally, there are ways in which you can prevent the worst results possible – for example, you can make sure that the furniture you will be bringing with you is easy to dismantle and carry. The other very important thing to make sure of is to warn the specialised home removal team in London about the special conditions of your upcoming removal so that the experts there have the opportunity to properly prepare for the job.

The weather

Parking regulationsThere is something that you cannot control, but can still add significant amount of pressure to your moving day. That is why you need to monitor the forecast for your moving day closely in order to make sure that you are not surprised by a snow storm or even heavy rains when you actually have to load boxes on the van. The weather is a major factor in every removal, especially if you do it during the more risky months, e.g. winter and late autumn. If the forecast says there will be unfavourable weather when you need to move, be prepared to postpone the whole process if that is possible of course. It will be much more beneficial than something going terribly wrong with the transportation of your goods during the storm.


London is a huge metropolis with very heavy traffic. Parking can be an issue in the central areas of the capital, especially when you are moving. Even the councils in peripheral boroughs of Greater London have restrictions on the places and duration of parking for big vehicles such as removal vans. If you break a rule, there will be no mercy you can be sure about that. So, avoid the fine by:

  • Contacting your local council both at the place you are moving out of and the one you will be moving into and inquire about the parking regulations
  • Apply for parking permit for the day and time you will need it, or
  • Inform your moving company and ask if they can arrange the paperwork for you

That is something few people actually think of when they are embroiled in the chaos of preparing for a home relocation, but if you spare a few precious minutes to do your research, you are going to save yourself a lot of headaches. It will really be worth it.