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What to Know When Moving to London for the First Time – Alone

London is one of the most vibrant, largest and multi-faced cities in the world. Moving in here might be one of the most important and exciting steps for you to take, but there are undoubtedly some worries that you feel towards the whole endeavor, especially if you are going to move here alone. But have […]

Most Expensive Painting in History

Paintings and art in general can often the put in the category of “finer things in life”. And while buying a framed painting of a boat for your living room might not set you back a lot, there are some art-works that cost unimaginable amounts of money. Paul Gauguin is beyond any doubt one of […]

What shouldn’t be Stored in Basements and Attics

Good housekeeping is a combination of common sense, practicality and wisdom (most likely) acquired through those trial and error situations all people go through. On many occasions tough people do get caught out by circumstances, wishing they did or didn’t do certain things. Proper housekeeping is a learning curve, hurdles will be faced along the […]

Londoners May Benefit from the New Concord in Less Than Ten Years

October 24, 2003 was the date on which the famous Concord made its last flight and with it supersonic civil air travel ended. Today U.S-based aerospace company Aerion in partnership with Airbus are considering to reintroduce it. Both companies are planning to build a supersonic business jet that can fly with a speed of 1.217 […]

VW Transporter – The Original Van

Volkswagen are the largest car manufacturer in Germany, Europe and arguably the rest of the world. The German car maker has given the world some of the most iconic motor vehicles to ever roam the world’s roads. Volkswagen is the company which produced and marketed the almost mythical Beetle – the most easily recognised and […]

The crowns of the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom (part 2)

In the previous part we turned your attention towards three of the crowns that are showcased at the Jewel House in the Tower of London. Here are the rest of the crowns that you can see during your visit to this famous London based landmark. The Crown of Queen Mary– It was manufactured for the coronation […]

The crowns of the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom (part 1)

The Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom have been kept in the Tower of London since 1303. Today the jewels are one of Britain’s most famous tourist drawing points and are seen by millions of people from all over the world each year. Here are the crowns that are displayed. St. Edward’s Crown – This crown […]

Removals – Facilitating Migration

There have been many human migrations throughout history. Starting with the Great Human Migration fifty thousand years ago, to the economic migration patterns of today. Migration of people from one geographical location to another is driven by a wide range of factors and reasons, generally though individuals move in search of a better life. In […]

Famous British Olympians

Great Britain has produces some of the world’s most successful athletes, some of whom have managed to become great Olympians who have left an enduring mark into the history of the Games. Here are some of Britain’s most renowned participants in Olympic Games. Harold Maurice Abrahams was born in Bedford on the 15th of December, […]

The Trendiest Places in London

Oh, well, if you are moving to London but you have still not decided where exactly in the metropolis you would like to set up your home in, no matter whether you are buying a property or just renting, you may very easily feel overwhelmed by the possibilities spread out in front of you. On […]